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QDup_Too Original2.jpg
Too Original (Qdup Re-Rub) - Qdup vs Major Lazer
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Qdup vs Major Lazer - Too Original (Qdup Re-Rub)

Qdup gives Major Lazer’s “Too Original (feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)” a skankin breaks treatment that’s sure to set the dance floor off. His remix plays up the Ragga vibes riding those up beat guitar chops adds some major bass to the mix. 

QDup_Like This.jpg
Like This (Qdup Breaks Re-Rub) - Qdup vs Vinyl Life
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Vinyl Life - Like This (Qdup Breaks Re - Rub)

A Re-Rub of Vinyl Life's "Like This". I gave it the Qdup 808 & breaks treatment for the dance floor. Free now to my followers. Please like, share, comment if you dig the tune. It really helps and is appreciated!

Roller Coaster of Love Rap - Qdup vs Ohio Players vs Aphletik
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Qdup vs Ohio Players vs Athletic - Roller Coaster of Love Rap

Here's a fresh Qdup re-rub flipping a classic Ohio Players sample with fresh beats, bass and booty shaking raps from Aphletik. We're aimed straight at the dance floor, riding the line between booty breaks, classic disco funk and hip hop. Qdup fans may have heard this in his recent DJ sets. It has been road tested and is known to make butts shake!

Qdup Remixes & Re-Rubs 2015.jpg
Gotta Be Fresh (Qdup Twerkaholics Re-Rub) - Qdup
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Qdup - Gotta Be Fresh (Qdup Twerkaholics Re-Rub)

Workaholics has been one of my favorite shows for quite a while. I knew I had to do something with the theme song and with it as the basis, this is what I came up with. Lots of additional production, 808's and fun old school samples were thrown in to make this party break set off the dance floor. 

Qdup & Sons of Satin Remixes vol1.jpg
Eric B & Rakim - Laid In Full (Rakim Suite) - Qdup & Sons of Satin
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Eric B & Rakim - Laid In Full (Rakim Suite) - Qdup & Sons Of Satin Re-Twerk

Qdup & Sons of Satin team up and deliver a monster Re-Twerk of one of Hip Hops most classic cuts that defined sampling in the Hip Hop world. With 808's and snares flying, this one is sure to get the party going and appeal to the new school cats and old school aficionados alike.

We Funk This Party Out Feat. Grandmaster
We Funk This Party Out (Qdup & AGFA Remix) - Afrika Bambaataa
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Africa Bambaataa - We Funk This Party Out (Qdup & AGFA Remix)

Qdup & AGFA team up to remix some of hip hop's pioneers into a tasty slice of midtempo funk breaks. They've sliced up a who's who of original funk breaks in homage to the pioneers of hip hop & funk while adding a good bit of modern pumped up beats and bass to properly thump on todays dance floors and sound systems.

Qdup Re-Rubs 2014.jpg
Can You See The Light (Qdup Re-Rub) - Qdup vs Brass Construction
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Qdup vs Brass Construction - Can You See The Light (Qdup Re-Rub)

I've decided to give away one of my secret weapon Re-Rubs of Brass Construction's funky anthem "Can You See The Light". I originally made this one leading up to the summer festival season and premiered it at Shambhala Music Festivals wonderful Fractal Forrest stage back in Aug 2013. 

Future Go-Go Vol. 1.jpg
Rollin With Kid n Play (AGFA vs Qdup Remix) - Kid n Play
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Kid n Play - Rollin With Kid n Play (AGFA vs Qdup Remix)

Rollin with Kid n Play gets the All Good Funk Alliance and Qdup beats and bass remix treatment. Sure to keep your tops faded and house party dance floor bumping!

King Brillo Sound (Qdup Breaks Re-Rub).j
King Brillo Sounds (Qdup Breaks Re-Rub) - King Brillo
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"King Brillo sound (Qdup Breaks Re-Rub)"
Qdup Foundation vs King Brillo

Massive brass skanking breaks remix of King Brillo by Qdup. 

Virgo (Qdup's Virgogo Re-Rub) - Qdup vs Nas Ft Dougie Fresh & Ludacris
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Qdup Foundation vs Nas Feat Dougie Fresh & Ludacris - "Virgo (Qdup's Virgogo Re-Rub)"

Virgo get's the Qdup bass, bleeps and beats treatment. We can have sex, but I can't be your Loverrrrrr.

Qdup Foundation vs The Dixie Cups.jpg
Iko Iko (Qdup Future Go-go Edit) - Qdup vs The Dixie Cups
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Qdup Foundation vs The Dixie Cups - Iko Iko (Qdup's Future Go-Go Edit)

Qdup's gives the remix treatment to a bonafide classic! Pumped up DC Go-Go style drums, 808's and groove are plenty in this version. Sure to get the heads bopping, singing and the dance floor moving.

Qdup Re-Rub Free Download.jpg
Take It Easy My Brother Charles (Qdup Re-Rub) -
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"Take It Easy My Brother Charles (Qdup Re-Rub)" Qdup Foundation vs Sambasonic

Qdup rides balance between funk break and demo-bow ride on this re-rub of Sambasonic's cover of Take it easy my Brother Charles. This will get a summer dance floor popping!

Icons Vol 2.jpg
Atomic Doc (Qdup Remix) -
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Atomic Doc (Qdup Remix)

This is the remix I did for the 2nd Ghetto Funk Icons Free Album back in Dec 2011. At the time I was starting to tinker around with using Serato Video and making Video edits. The result is the cheeky mighty boosh sample used in this... Too much fun to make.

I Wish (Qdup Remix) -
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Stevie Wonder - I Wish (Qdup Remix)

This is the remix I did for the first Ghetto Funk Icons Free album back in December 2010. This is a stone cold classic and my aim was to let the original shine through with a bit of updated drums and sprinkles of production for dance floor flavor. This is a party starter!

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