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Qdup & Warp9 "Bodyrock ft Flex Matthews"

Out Now on Fort Knox Recordings:

Qdup & Warp9 Bodyrock ft. Flex Mathews

Stream / Download Options: Click Here

Tracklisting: 1. Bodyrock ft. Flex Mathews (Original Mix) 2. Bodyrock ft. Flex Mathews (Warp9 VIP Mix) 3. Bodyrock (Instrumental Mix) 4. Bodyrock (Warp9 VIP Instrumental Mix)

“Slide on up and bodyrock the whole club. You ain't fresher than me...” After touring extensively with Fort Knox Five for the past year from coast to coast, Qdup has been inspired to hit the studio hard and has put together a string of new releases. The first single is Bodyrock which he produced with Warp9, himself no stranger to Fort Knox Recordings having already remixed both Fort Knox Five and Qdup previously.

The producer duo create a unique fusion of their two sounds. Qdup brings his electro funk boogie approach to the mix and Warp9 infuses the track with hi-fi synths and stripped down bass to create a funked out glitch hop gem. Bodyrock features the vocals of longtime collaborator Flex Mathews, who bubbles on top of West coast keyboards and g-funk blips and bleeps. With upbeat party lyrics, prime time beats and glitch hop elements this track is a surefire floor burner.

The cut-up vocals and west coast funk meets DC go-go swing opens up to highlight the hi-fi synths and bass wobbles on Warp9's VIP mix. The VIP mix is both tough and smooth at the same time, destined to please fans with a futuristic g-funk vibe and a beautiful breakdown that reveals a bed of lush synths and sweet melody.

Qdup & Warp9 have put together a thick slice of modern west coast inspired funk bangers. DJs will be pleased to know that instrumentals of both mixes are available. Flex Mathews says it all with his party rocking lyrics; “Slide on up and bodyrock the whole club. You ain't fresher than me, tell me what you gonna do?!”

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