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Qdup "Lone Star EP"

Lone Star EP by Qdup FKX075 – Fort Knox Recordings Released September 23rd, 2014

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After releasing the Let’s Go EP on Fort Knox Recordings last year, Qdup returns with a funky collection of tunes featuring some amazing vocalists from Austin, Texas. While Qdup was in Austin DJ’ing at the Art Outside Festival, he linked up with some of Austin’s finest MC’s and the result is the Lone Star EP. The funk flows deep in both Austin and DC and it shows on this strong release.

MC’s Tee Double and Tigre Liu channel P-funk and deliver booty shaking party rhymes to great effect on “Mothership Calling”. This tune is will heat up the party with laser effects flying, funky synth bass chops and a talk-box laden message from the Mothership to get you on the dance floor. This tune is will heat up the party with laser effects flying and funky synth bass chops laying the groove. “Mothership Calling” is remixed by Ursula1000 from NYC, who gives the track a running midtempo 4/4 Nu-Disco vibe with hints of techno, which sits beautifully with the funk laden party lyrics. “Electro Funk Boogie” is just that, a funk laced electro-funk track with Bavu Blakes gracing the mic over a slinky, boogie bassline. Miami’s quickly rising producer Warp 9 remixes “Electro Funk Boogie” with his additional talk-box vocals and glitched out funk treatment. Closing out the release, Germany’s Funkanomics put their twist on “Electro Funk Boogie”. With an infectious clav riff reminiscent of Stevie Wonder and the Funkos signature sub bass and pumped up beats, their remix is sure to pack dance floors and keep heads nodding.

Qdup and Fort Knox Five have road tested these tunes to assure their dance floor potency at festivals and clubs. The Lone Star EP comes locked and loaded to light up the dance floor.

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